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Credit/Non Credit Grading and the 2015 Labour Disruption +

Credit/Non-Credit (CR/NCR) is an approved grading scale at the University of Toronto.  Generally, CR/NCR grades are not factored into the GPA calculation. Where NCR is used in the GPA calculation, the symbol “NC%” is used on the transcript and a grade point value of 0.0 is assigned.

In a few cases, all students in a course will be graded in this manner. More often, this grading scale is an option that may be selected by students in some University divisions: the Faculty of Arts and Science; the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design; the University of Toronto Scarborough; and the University of Toronto Mississauga. Normally, students in these divisions may choose up to 2.0 full course equivalents in the course of their degree to be graded in this manner.

In March, 2015, the University was affected by a labour disruption. In some courses the syllabus was changed to re-weight course work and exams.  As an accommodation in that academic year, some students were graded on the CR/NCR grading scale instead of receiving a letter or numeric grade. As a consequence, some students may have received more than the normal maximum of 2.0 FCE’s graded on the CR/NCR basis during the 2014/2015 academic year. There may also be students in other academic divisions who received this grade because they were taking an affected course in one of the named divisions.

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