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Other Symbols and Notations +

Included in grade point averages:

 ADD Additional course, taken for credit

Not used in calculating grade point averages:

 AEG Aegrotat standing granted on the basis of term work and medical or similar evidence. Course credit granted.
 DNW Did not write/did not attend/did little work
 EXT Extra course, not for credit
 GWR Grade withheld pending review
 INC Incomplete
 IPR In progress. IPR will also appear if the course has not yet started or the course has finished but an approved grade is not yet available
 LWD Late withdrawal without academic penalty
 NGA No grade available
 SDF Standing deferred on the basis of incomplete course work or because of medical or similar reasons
 WDR Withdrawn without academic penalty
 XMP Exemption granted on the basis of credit for work done elsewhere. Course credit granted
 Candidacy Achieved A student who has completed all program requirements for the PhD degree exclusive of thesis research will be considered a candidate in the School of Graduate Studies

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